"I’ve shared the struggles of so many Kentuckians who know what it is to work two to three jobs, to live paycheck to paycheck, to grow a garden to help put food on the table, to take care of family members both young and old, and to get up in the morning and do it all over again.
We do it because we still dream for a better Kentucky, a better America, so that our children can enjoy a better life despite the many challenges we face, and so that our elders can receive the health and pension benefits that they earned and deserve."

Having the privilege of spending 8 years in the classroom, I know how valuable our public schools are. Educators not only teach our students content, but we help shape and mold them into good citizens. If the leadership in Frankfort has their way, we will see larger classes, reduction of essential  services like Arts programs and extracurricular activities, as well as untrained teachers.

Kentucky’s public schools serve as the heart and soul of our communities. They deserve to be strengthened through investment, not weakened by continual budget cuts and risky policies like charter schools that rob our schools for the benefit of out-of-state, for-profit corporations. Now is the time to invest in and improve our public schools, not funnel ever-increasing amounts of money to for-profit, private schools. We need to lift up our under-performing schools, not shut them down. We need to restore school funding to pre-recession levels, not continuously cut funds. If public education is not made a top priority in Kentucky, the future workforce will be limited in its ability to grow and sustain.

Employment Opportunities

The people in power are writing the rules for the benefit of themselves and their powerful friends, and it’s time for average, every-day Kentuckians who know what it is to fight for a living wage to stand up and say ‘enough.’ As a state representative, I’ll put Kentucky’s families first.

We need to stop the war on the working class in the private sector. There are many Kentucky families that have continued to struggle after the recession, and anti-worker policies from Frankfort are making it almost impossible for the average worker to get ahead. I will be a champion for the working class by fully supporting the reinstatement of prevailing wages, repealing “Right to Work”, and maintaining unemployment and health insurance benefits.

State Worker Pensions

We need to support our public employees: our teachers, policemen, firefighters and public servants. We need to keep the pension system that was promised to them and instead of making changes, find new revenue streams to fund them. If we want quality employees,we must provide promise of a fully funded pension. Privatization of everything in our state is not the answer. Switching to an all 401k system adds insecurity, not stability and peace of mind. One of my top priorities will be to find a common sense solution to the pension funding crisis that will work for the people of Kentucky, not against them.


We need to ensure that our state does not fall behind in having a skilled labor force by supporting technical and displaced worker training programs.

Animal Welfare 

Kentucky ranks at the bottom in the nation for animal

protection laws. If elected to serve the 62nd District, I will enthusiastically vote for and/or sponsor legislation that helps protect pets! We have eight sheep, six chickens, four dogs,

three cats, two bunnies, and a betta fish named Shimmer.

To say we love animals would be an understatement!

There are many options to problem solve these issues, and they are all worth considering.


We need comprehensive state tax reform that will put more money into the pockets of the working class and stop giving out so many tax breaks to corporations that show record  profits every year.


We need to ensure that our state does not fall behind in having a skilled labor force by supporting technical and displaced worker training programs. If we invest in our economy and our people, all of Kentucky benefits.


I worked at the Legislative Research Commission for six years, with four of those years spent in the House of Representatives. I know what good representatives do, they listen to their constituents, not special interests. They are willing to work on both sides of the aisle to do what is best for our Commonwealth. I will welcome your input and take your issues and concerns to Frankfort with me.


I will be the voice of the people of the 62nd District because the duty of a  Representative is to serve the people above all else.

Gun Control

I believe the issue of school shootings and gun violence is very complex and that there is not one single answer to solve it. I am a gun owner, and I support every Amendment to our Constitution. I also want to see an end to school shootings and gun violence. I believe for us to move forward on this very complex issue, we must begin collecting data again (because the federal government has not been since the late 90s). I don't make decisions in my classroom without data, and I don't see how the federal or state governments can create legislation to solve this issue without knowing what we are dealing with. How can we know what the common denominator is without having some information first? I do not like the concept of a 'spaghetti test' where we would throw a bunch of laws out there and see what sticks.


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