Dear Friend:


I grew up on a small family farm in Owen County where I was expected to help out each day. That meant doing chores I didn't always want to do, without complaining, and learning to appreciate the value of a dollar earned.  My mother even posted a note on the refrigerator -- "No work. No eat." She did so in a playful way, but the message always hit home -- nothing worth having comes easy.


So it's tough, then, for me to ask you to contribute your hard-earned money to my campaign for the 62nd District seat in the Kentucky House of Representatives. That seems like putting the cart before the horse. After all, how do you know that you'll get a fair return on your investment?

I hope, though, that you saw something of my work ethic in our successful primary campaign that will encourage you to join our team going forward and, if you have already been gracious enough to provide support, to dig a little deeper. 


From January to May, I taught school, tended to my family and farm, and still drove countless miles to attend community events in Fayette, Scott and Owen counties. I rallied for public education in Frankfort, stood up in support of a strong labor force, and spoke out against corrupting forces in the Capitol. I woke up early, and went to bed late, with one single goal in mind -- to make sure the voices of average, decent, hard-working men and women are heard once again in the state legislature. 


I have the energy and the drive to bring a better day to Frankfort, and I'm aware our fight against out-of-state, corporate interests won't be an easy one. Yet I know, deep in my heart, that your family and my family are worth the work. 


I hope you'll think of it as seed money for a better future, and that you'll contribute us as much as you can as we begin the next phase of our fight for Kentucky families. 


Best always, 



Jenny Urie
Candidate for 62nd District

Kentucky House of Representatives

**Please note that by clicking the link below, you will be redirected to a third-party site to donate, ActBlue.


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